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TXServes – San Antonio

San Antonio and its immediate surrounding area is one of the largest military and veteran communities in the United States, and ranks 9th among the 100 largest veteran-resident cities in the country where veterans are 12.3% of the regions adult population. The most prominent county in the Alamo region is Bexar County, which is home to the 6th-largest veteran population of all US counties.

As such, the Coordination Center sponsored by the Alamo Area Council of Governments in San Antonio, Texas provides a strong network of coordinated services to support our veterans, service members, and their families succeed in the civilian community.

TXServes – San Antonio offers veterans, service members, and their families access to a variety of providers that offer services in legal, housing, employment, medical, money management, clothing and household goods, education, transportation and more. All TXServes direct providers offer comprehensive services to all who serve, have served and their families.